Febraury 25, 2020

Fatimata Sawadogo

"My name is Fatima Sawdogo and I come from Pisilé. We were sitting talking one evening around five when the djihadistes came and began to shoot at us. There was complete panic. Some men ran towards their fields while other men and women ran to hide in the tall grass nearby. They managed to kill 8 people. Between 7 and 8 pm some people came slowly back to their houses. They called the army stationed in Bourzanga and all who felt they could leave were escorted to Bourzanga. The corpses of the dead were also taken there. Two children of my older brother were killed before they movd on to our neighbour. The people here help us as much as they can. It is thanks to them that we eat and drink and they sometimes give us clothes. We are living very close together with no problems.

But concerning the government: no help at all from them. Even if they chase us from here we will go to another place, but we do not want to return to our villge before there is peace. When we left we were not able to take a plate nor a calebasse, nor clothing nor money. We only thought of saving our lives and so we must rely completely on the people here. But inspite of everything we continue to thank God. It is not easy to live here crowded into 50 people in each class room, but we do not complain and we feel grateful for what we have been given. We thank our new neighbours who are our only help”.

Febraury 11, 2020

Mahamadi Gassambe

“My name is Mahamadi Gassambé and I am 13 years old. I do not go “the school of the white people” but only to the Koranic school with 4 of my brothers. We were in our village when about 5 in the afternon bad people came and began to shoot us. We ran away and came here. The people who live here help us, but the government doesn't. I want to be a soldier when I grow up. The reason is because of this problem. Imwant to protect my parents and the others. I am the oldest and have 7 brothers and sisters. My parents have no money and no work, so it is the people of the village who help us”.

Febraury 11, 2020

Issouf Gassambe

“My name is Issouf Gassambe and I am 52 years old. We came here after 2 attacks on our village. After our arrival people came to take our names and promised to come back with aide. But since then we have heard nothing. The local inhabitants give us food and we divide it between us, but we badly need more food. My wife and 5 children are all here with me. I had no one in my immediate family killed, but my younger brother suffered losses”.